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How you can donate and Support our Mission?

Integrated Pathways To Knowledge believes that learning occurs in varied areas and through creative experiences. We seek to support programs with likeness of its mission within the United States and/or other parts of the world. Following COVID-19 we provided children with multi-cultural and creative learning activities, while integrating various pathways to extend emotional, social and academic support to children around the world. Our programs focus on low-income and vulnerable students from transitional kindergarten into the12th grade. Integrated Pathways To Knowledge strives to mitigate potential learning losses and addresses the social-emotional needs of youth and their parents, especially for our most vulnerable student groups.  All of our programs are publicly funded by donations and  tax deductible. 

ways you can donate:


You can write us at:

PO Box 882112

Los Angeles, CA 90009





You can contact us by email:

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