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About us

Our Story:  

         The President and founder of IPTK has worked in k-12 education for 22 years.  Our world is changing, yet American public schools seemed to have remained the same. IPTK was formed to address the needs of all members of society, but especially those people whose needs have been addressed in the current education system.  IPTK proposes a new education system based upon the holistic needs of the individual. We propose a creative based learning model that is democratic and circular in which each member of the education community is valued and supported in assessing their own needs and in the context of their community. We propose to support the actualization of each person and, at the same time, we are all working towards common goals of a healthier and just world.  

The purpose of this organization is:


  • to provide alternative education opportunities for all people of any age for the advancement of personal, educational, and career goals

  • to provide opportunities for all students to graduate with a high school diploma in a timely manner

  • to provide empowering opportunities for advancement through acquisition of skills and knowledge for people traditionally disenfranchised by the current societal structure

our TEAM:
Anna M. Wayne


Chidozie Ollawa

Founder/Educational Specialist

Carmen Obasi

Program Liaison Director

Anna has been in the field for about 22 years. Began teaching middle school and have served students in many roles including counselor, assistant principal, and teacher. She founded a k-8 charter school in 2000 based upon the principles of non-violent communication and project based learning. In 2006, she co-founded the non-profit, Integrated Pathways to Knowledge for the purpose of creating democratic educational alternatives for all ages, focusing on meeting the needs of people that have been traditionally

disenfranchised and left out of traditional learning structures. She believes that people have to experience creative problem-based learning and skills to be able to advocate for themselves and their communities.This creates opportunities for changing the narrative surrounding marginalized communities.

Mrs. Chidozie Ollawa attended California State Dominguez Hills in the city of Carson where she earned a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Mrs.Ollawa has worked in the field of education for more than 28 years as a  special education teacher and administrator. With a Masters in Special Education and an accomplished National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT)  in 2003, she is recognized by her peers and parents as a great mentor, forward thinker, and collaborator. She offers parents, and educators strategies to assess and address the students’ learning; using real life scenarios. Ms.Ollawa believes that people should have fun while learning no matter the age.

Ms Obasi has worked as an Educator and Family Resource Manager since 2006. She is also a Certified Parent Educator, a School Action Safety & Health Specialist and has served on the LACOE Williams Compliance Team ensuring that students in 80 school districts have the textbooks, technology and learning environment needed to achieve academic success . She firmly believes that Learning is at the center of every successful community. She often paraphrases Nelson Mandela saying “Education is the most powerful tool which we can use to change the world.” Ms Obasi thoroughly believes that IPTK is effectively utilizing tools that create connections across cultures and delivering sustainable learning experiences.

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