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Integrated Pathways to Knowledge

Our Mission

       Our mission is to provide holistic educational opportunities that promote individual awareness, agency, and creativity as well as to provide opportunities for community engagement and empowerment for a more democratic, just and sustainable world. 


Most Recent Projects

  • Collaboration with Angeleno Connectivity Trust (Act) IPTK participated in ACT program providing hotspots to students who are homeless, foster care youth, or risk of disconnecting from school without internet access.

  • IPTK: Alternative Home School-2006-2012

  • Multicultural camp: A virtual camp providing free engaging and exciting kinesthetic activities that promote awareness of the world’s cultures-Summer of 2020

  • Explore Charter High School-Development in process



Easter Warm Up Sermon

Specialized Sessions

Outside of our usually scheduled events and virtual camps, we hold specialized sessions. These sessions are catered to different needs by request and appointments. We hold these important sessions as major events, toward sharing knowledge of specialized skills usually from outstanding guest speakers of different backgrounds.


“ Education is a social process: education is growth: education is not preparation for life but life itself" -  John Dewey

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